If you didn’t know this tooth was exactly, it is the third and the final sets of molars at the far back. The truth is that, although they are considered to be bad most of the time, they too can be a reason for the right alignment of your mouth, but almost never happens. If you are suffering from either of the below mentioned symptoms, it basically means that your wisdom tooth has reached an ending point and needs to be removed.

Here are the 4 solid symptoms that you should look out for.

  • Sheer pain at the back of your mouth

As it was mentioned earlier, this is situated at the far back of your mouth. Unless you happened to stick something sharp in there that could have damaged the gums, there is pretty much no other reason as to why you would have pain. The worst thing about this is that, once the pain begins, it disrupts the neuro system of the body and send the pain to the head; this is how never-ending tooth aches couple with headaches.

  • Visible observable swollen gums

Typically, there are no other reason for your gums to be swollen unless you were beaten by someone or happened to come across such an impact. In fact, dental specialists are stressing on the requirement of the wisdom tooth extraction in singapore when a person is suffering from symptoms like this. In fact, if you can’t think of a reason as to why your gums are swelling this much, your next stop should be a licensed oral clinic in the town.

  • Consistent bad odor from the mouth

We brush our teeth every single morning to get rid of that dirty and stinky layer of smelling saliva and whatnot. But if your mouth is smelling after doing all of that, if you are still having distinguishable bad bread along with the rest of the symptoms here, then it can be decided as the presence of a problematic wisdom tooth.

  • Difficulty in opening and closing the mouth

When a pain like this is there, it has a source and the source is more or less at the hinge that controls the opening and the closing action of the mouth. Hence, if it is taking extra effort for you to open or close your mouth, you should get your mouth checked for a decaying or rotten wisdom tooth because that would be the reason. Along with this, there would be the stiffness of the jaw as well.