A citizen of Singapore will be getting great benefits in their day to day life when compared to foreigner or a permanent resident in Singapore. If you have already gotten your PR in Singapore and if you have lived for 2 years with the Singapore PR, the next best step that you will naturally want to gain is the citizenship.

Getting the Singaporean citizenship needs to be done in the right procedure. If you want to apply Singapore citizenship, here is an essential guide that you can definitely follow:

Look into the eligibility criteria

First of all, before you apply, to save yourself time, it is needed that you do seem research into what the eligibility criteria is to become a citizen of Singapore it seeded that you have the Singaporean PR for more than 2 years and you have to be above the age of 21. If you have the PR for 2 years and if you have been married to a Singaporean citizen for 2 years, again, you are eligible to apply. Likewise, there are different eligibility criteria that you can apply from. Look into what’s best for you so that you can make the entire procedure easier with this one choice that you make.

Focus notthe needed documentation

When it comes to applying for the citizenship, there are many documents that will be needed. When you have all the documents in place, getting the citizenship will be easier. Some of the documents that you will be needing are the current passport, educational certifications,your PR card, or the PR certification, etc. When you have all these documentation in order, it will be easier for you to apply for the citizenship by avoiding any last moment trouble.

When applying

Once you have everything in order, the next step that you have do is to apply. Create a Sin Pass account where you can make the submission of your application. Moreover, if need important that you submit the application using the e-services by paying the application are as well. Getting the help of an immigrant lawyer will also be helpful in completing this procedure. You will have to make an application payment of 100$. In the appointment that you have to face, you will have to verify the documents that you are have submitted as well. In the time period of 6 to 12 months, you will be getting the confirmation of your citizenship via post so that you can start getting all the benefits.