Most homeowners want their house to be a bright and happy place. This can only happen if the rooms appear as so. Sometimes, rooms can take on a certain dinginess, largely due to bad lighting or decorating mistakes. If your home has a dull room without much light, here are potential solutions to the problem:

Replace the Overhead Light

The room would appear dingy especially at night if the overhead light is not sufficient to cover the whole room. This can happen if you have chosen a small overhead bulb for a larger room. Sometimes, ornamental structures in the fixture may hinder the brightness from pouring down. Therefore, consider replacing the overhead bulb as the first step in making the room look more alive.

Add Accent Lighting in Addition to the Overhead Lights

Don’t forget that all light issues in your room are not caused by overhead lights alone. Not introducing accent lights, in addition to overhead bulbs, can cause darkness or result in shadows that ruin the overall atmosphere. Introducing accent lights is a tricky part that depends on the type of room and the furniture already inside. You can refer to a professional expert like Lighting Lighting Lighting for tips on how to choose the best accent bulbs for each room with dinginess problems.

Introduce Colour

Lights are not the only reason a room may appear dull and dark. During daytime, lights have little to do with it. You can immediately light up a room without a single bulb by introducing colourful shades to the room. For example, change the sofa colour to a bright, light shade. You can add colourful throw pillows or throw in a brightly shaded rug in the room. More colours naturally energize the atmosphere in a room, making it appear brighter than it actually is.

Repaint the Walls

Dark wall colours can make rooms appear dingy, if done so unintentionally. To brighten up a room, consider repainting the walls in a lighter colour like white or beige. Statement colours like yellow are also excellent options, especially if the placement of the room makes it darker during daytime. Remember that light reflects off softer shades. Therefore, choose a shade wisely that best complements the atmosphere you home to create inside the room.

Make the Windows Larger

The windows are often the root cause of dark and dingy rooms. If windows are too small to allow light to enter, or if the openings are somehow obstructed, that could cause brightness issues inside. You can try moving furniture so nothing obstructs the light. Remove any heavy curtains as well. If this doesn’t work, consider remodelling the windows to make them larger. If you want a well lit room, you can consider installing French doors or Georgian windows. Assess your budget and then consider how you can take on this remodelling project.

A dingy room is not a terribly awful problem to fix. Homeowners can easily fix lighting problems with some diligence and good taste. Also, it won’t cost a lot to find a solution, even if you have to replace the windows. You can certainly improve the value of your home with one of the fixes suggested above.